1) The name of the Association is genius loci.
2) The headquarters of the Association is established by Viticoltori De Conciliis in Località Querce 1, 84060 Prignano Cilento (Salerno), Italy. The operational headquarters shall be at the premises of the acting Chairman.
3) The Founder Members are all the wine-growers that the Board shall accept before 30 September 2005.
4) The official language of the Association is English, along with the language of the acting Chairman, who shall be obliged to translate the documents into English.
5) An annual fee of 500 Euro is established.
6) The Founder Members shall pay three years’ fees in a single payment (1,500 Euro) upon the deed of association.
7) A non-returnable contribution for entry to the Association is established at 1,500 Euro; the Founder Members are exempted from this contribution.
8) In order for a wine to be accepted by the Association it must be made using only grape varieties present within the territory before the phylloxera epidemic.
9) In order for a wine to be accepted by the Association it must have specific characteristics which distinguish it from the other wines produced by the Member, and such as to render it a unique product.
10) In order for a wine to be accepted by the Association it must be marketed only within the territory of production, as specified in the membership proposal report; the Association reserves the option of selling the wines belonging to the Association through its own internet site.
11) In order for a wine to remain within the Association, the wine-grower is obliged to declare the sales outlets within the territory at which his/her wine is available.
12) The membership proposal takes place through the forwarding of four bottles of the wine for which application is being made (two to the relevant National Secretary and two to the operational headquarters); the wine should be accompanied by a report comprising the product specifications of the wine and motivated indication of the territory of diffusion. The National Secretary will then draft a non-binding opinion for the Board, which should also comprise comments pertinent to an ethical assessment of the applicant: the final decision shall rest with the Governing Board and is not subject to appeal.
13) For each year of vintage of the wine belonging to the Association, the wine-grower must forward an adequate number of bottles to the Association, as follows: 6 to the National Secretary (who shall draw up the product specifications on the basis of the information supplied by the wine-grower); 2 to all the other National Secretaries; 2 to the Association for its Museum; 2 to each Founder Member; 2 to 10 members drawn by lot from among those present at the annual meeting. The exchange of bottles between Members signifies the sharing of the information which each bottle brings with it, like a gift between friends; it symbolises the spirit of sharing which is at the foundation of genius loci.
14) All the bottles of the wines belonging to the Association must be rendered clearly recognisable by the application of the Association’s logo on the front or back label.
15) Members are obliged to attend the annual meeting. Any Members who, without justified cause, fail to attend for two consecutive years shall automatically be disqualified as Members.
16) Members are obliged to number the bottles of wine.
17) Members are obliged to devolve 0.25 Euro per bottle sold in favour of the Association.
18) Members are obliged to devolve a percentage, according to their willing, per bottle sold in favour of the Association International Help (headquarters in Turin - Italy).
19) We recommend that members should plant out the Hortus genii with a rooting for each Member. This Hortus genii is a symbol of rootedness and growing together, the founding principles of our Association. In the event of a Member being disqualified, his or her Hortus will be officially disowned but the rooting will continue to bear fruit with merit in the other Horti geniorum. The official Hortus genii will be located at the headquarters of the Association.